Photography Basics To Improve Your Skills

While photography is a fun hobby, it is clear that many people struggle to get started. Photography is not so much fun if you are taking photographs that you don’t like or which don’t turn as you would have hoped. Many people start off with great intentions and ambitions of being a photographer but then find that it is not something that is for them. This is where taking time to learn photography basics can make a huge difference in the success and enjoyment that you take from being a photographer.

The most basic tip that you can give to a new photographer is to take the time to read your camera manual, before you begin working on your photography technique. This can seem like a boring tip and one that many people bypass but you make things a lot more difficult for yourself if you do. There can be a temptation to pick up your camera and take photographs straight away, which can be fun and a good way to learn but it may see you miss out on so many things. Taking some quiet time to read the manual while having the camera by your side will provide you with the best platform for knowing what your camera can do and what sort of photographs you can take with it. It may seem like a dull tip but knowing what your camera is capable of will provide you with a perfect starting point to develop your creative photography skills.

Do not rely on the technical benefits of your camera

Once you know what your camera can do and how it can help you, it is important to not rely on these benefits. There are camera settings like Auto ISO which can provide a photographer with a great deal of assistance but this often means that you don’t develop these skills. Taking the time to learn how to set your camera up properly for the best light and shutter speed without relying on a manual setting will help you to develop your skills. Some people only want a camera for holiday snaps and family occasions. These people will benefit from the assistance and support provided by these features but if you are keen to develop your photography skills, it is best to learn without the support from the ever increasing technological benefits provided by smart digital cameras.

When taking photographs, it can be helpful to remember that it is not just about the faces of people in the picture. If the images you have taken in the past have been snaps of your friends and family members, there is an understandable need to focus on the people in the image. However, as you develop your photography skills and study more images, sometimes it is the surroundings of the area around the people that grabs the attention. This is something to bear in mind when lining up your images.

Always remember the rule of thirds

Something that can help people when choosing the focus of their image is to bear the rule of thirds in mind. This is where you should divide your image into three vertical and thee horizontal sections, creating 9 squares. Some cameras have viewfinders that will do this for you but again, it is a good manual skill to develop. It is best to move the focus of your image away from the centre of the shot and along the lines where the points cross over on your screen. You may have a natural tendency to want to centre your image, and there will be times when that works best but the rule of thirds is a great guideline for you to create images that are striking and memorable.

Another important thing to bear in when looking to develop your photography skills is to use a tripod. A steady grip is necessary to make the most of your shots and not everyone is as confident holding a camera as other people. Being able to maintain a consistent position with your camera will help you to take better shots and to reduce the risk of blurring in your images.

While these basic photography tips and skills will not be enough to turn you into a skilled photographer overnight, they can help you to develop your confidence in this field. Once you become more familiar with photography then you may then wish to try your hand at producing trick photography which can prove to be a lot of fun.

Photography Ideas That Will Spark An Interest

One of the best things about photography is that it anyone can pick up a camera and take pictures of what inspires them or the wold around them. Everything in the world is fair game when it comes to photographic inspiration but while this is a good thing, it can sometimes be a negative thing. After all, when people have too much choice, they can sometimes struggle to make a decision. This is why it is sometimes best to return to the basic and classic photography ideas to develop your confidence and skills. Once a photographer is confident of capturing some common themes or ideas, they may have a greater degree of confidence about how to expand their repertoire and even earn some cash from your photography efforts.

When it comes to taking great pictures, all you have to do is open your door and explore the world around you. Whether you live in the countryside or the city, there will be something that will inspire you and just as importantly, there will be things that people want to see. If you are lucky enough to stay out in the wide open, there are many great subjects to take photographs of. A person that has spare time in the morning can capture tremendous images of the sun rising over the hills. There is also a lot to be said for taking photographs of trees, perhaps documenting the changing of the colour of the leaves and the shedding of these leaves as summer turns into the Autumn months.

Capture the changing nature of your area

Conversely, if you spend most of your time in the city, capturing the urban landscape may be exciting. Buildings are being put up and demolished all the time, and it can be a challenge to record the changing face of your local area. Different buildings can provide a juxtaposition of styles, which can also create a great set of images.

If buildings and nature are not of interest, what about taking photographs of people? Many people are inspired by individuals, groups or teams and the story that they have to tell. Whether you are capturing the development of your child or the interaction and engagement between people, there will always be interest in looking at photographs that record human life.

Similarly, if you have pets at home or you enjoy wildlife, these can provide the perfect platform for taking photographs. There is no limit to what you can photograph and sometimes all you need to do to get started is to start taking photographs and the inspiration will come quickly.


Types of Photography

While there are many great things about photography, one of the most important things is the wide variety involved with the art. There is a huge array of photography types to choose from and if you don’t find something that you enjoy, there is nothing stopping you from developing your own types of photography. Of course, you may eventually find that the style you thought you created was something that already exists but that just goes to show how much variety there is when it comes to photography and the different types of styles involved in the process.

Aerial photography‎

Aerial photography can help us see the world around us in a different manner from what we are used to. Whether the photography is taken from tall buildings, planes or even using modern technology to capture the images, aerial photography is an area that many people find hugely interesting.

Black and white photography

Black and white photography is an artform and it takes a certain eye or talent to realise what colour images will work well in a black and white format. Increasing technological developments with cameras and editing software is increasing the use of black and white photography but it still takes the right sort of image to bring a picture to light in black and white.

Environmental photography‎

While environmental photography can have much in common with landscape or photojournalism, it is mainly about capturing the impact that man has had on the environment. The changing face of the world and the ravages caused by ill-treatment can make for some stark imagery and this style of photography captures it.

Fashion photography‎

This style of photography focuses on clothes and accessories, as opposed to the people inside the clothes. With magazines and advertisements having a constant need for these images, there is a high demand for fashion photography. Lighting and setting will play a strong role in the success of this style of photography.

Landscape photography‎

There are many different styles in landscape photography but it is generally used to describe images where the world is the focus and there are no humans or beings involved. Landscape images will often combine different elements of nature such as the skyline and mountains or a river with the land around it.

Nature photography‎

While nature photography is not dissimilar to landscape photography, it will also include wildlife. This means that the images can capture these creatures in their natural habitat. This can often provide people with an insight into something that they don’t often get to see.

Nude photography

Human beings have always held an interest in seeing other humans naked. Nude photography is different from erotic photography in that the focus is on capturing the human form in all its glory as opposed to recording it for titillation.

Panorama photography

Panorama photography, or wide format photography, allows an elongated image to be taken. This style of picture requires specialist equipment but the equipment is becoming readily more available. The panoramic function has been added to the latest smartphones, which means that an increasing number of people are able to take images in this fashion.


If a picture can paint a thousand words, photojournalism allows a lot to be said about many events. Images capturing the struggle between different groups or social decay can add a great emphasis to a storyline or investigation. These photos are often taken under great stress so there is a need for the photographer to be calm under pressure.

Social documentary photography‎

Social documentary photographs are all about capturing people in their natural environment. This style of photography has commonly been used to capture social deprivation and poverty but it can be used for all walks of life.

Stock photography

Stock photography is a way for photographers to place images up for sale. Therefore, these images are likely to be of a generic nature or at least of a sort within a certain style of photography type. Many photographers find that placing their images onto a stock photography site can bring in income and raise awareness about their work.

War photography

The art of war photography may be diminished due to video footage but some of the most visually striking images of all time have come through war photography. The emergence of cameras helped to capture the truly horrific nature of war and has helped people to form images and opinions of war, even though they may be nowhere the event.

Wedding photography‎

This style of photography is very traditional. It captures the happiest day of a couple’s life but there are many conventional shots and styles to bear in mind when taking these shots. To be a good wedding photographer, you not only need good photography skills, you need to have good people skills as well.

Trick Photography

This style of photography may look very difficult at first glance but after some careful study many tricks can be mastered and you can soon be blowing the minds of your friends with some simple trick photography. If this is an area that interests you then you may wish to check out the trick photography and special effects ebook by Evan Sharboneau. This invaluable source of information will soon have you on your way to mastering a lot of the trick photography techniques.